Kindly be informed that our subscription to ProQuest E-books Central (formerly known as Ebrary) has been discontinued. Please note that you may still find the search results of e-books (from E-books Central) in our library’s online catalogue, but the e-books are no longer accessible.

We are now subscribed to EBSCOHOST Academic Collection to serve you with a better collection of e-books that are relevant to APU’s courses. Some of the highlights of this e-database are:

    • 85,811 unique titles
    • 65,000 books from 157 University Presses, including Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and more.
    • 2,100 Choice Oustanding Academic Titles (OAT)
    • The database hosts 545 Parent Publishers, including Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Elsevier, Brill, Bloomsbury

Please note: You are required to create your EBSCOHOST account using On Campus access to download your preferred e-books.

If you have any questions on using this new platform, please drop by the library or send us an email at