Research off-campus made simple

Good news! Our library at Asia Pacific University now subscribes to Lean Library, a browser plug-in that seamlessly brings our library resources and also search “Open Library” which have 2.1 million open access resources into your workflow. Whether you’re conducting research on or off-campus, Lean Library will help you gain easier access to the information you need.

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Download the extension ⇨ Select our institution ⇨ Start researching

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How Lean Library works

The extension works with our library to identify e-resources we subscribe to. Whether you search through Google, Google scholar, or the library itself, it’s easy to access our subscriptions. If you reach a paywall for an article or eBook, Lean Library will look for an alternative, legal option for access. We will also be able to send you important messages for your research through the browser extension.

About Lean Library