Listed below are the categories of library members and their borrowing privileges

English Language Courses2 items
Certificate, Foundation, Diploma and Degree4 items
Masters (full-time)10 items
Masters (part-time)6 items
PhD10 items
Full-time Academic Staff 20 items
Part-time Academic Staff10 Items
Administrative Staff2 Items
Book TagsLoan Period
Open - stack 7 days
Yellow - tagged books 3 days
Red - tagged books 1 day
Green - tagged books 4 months - For academic staff only
References, Current Periodicals, Bound JournalsTo be used in the library
Students Projects To be used in the Library
CD ROMsCD ROMs accompanying books can be borrowed with the same privileges as the book.

Please note :

  • A member must produce his/her student card when borrowing materials.
  • No items are to be taken out from the library unless a member of the library staff has issued them out to the borrower.
  • The borrower must ensure that all library items in his/her possession have been issued out before he/she leaves the library.
  • The borrower should ensure the items being borrowed out are in good condition. A member is fully responsible for any damage to items taken out in his/her name.
  • Any attempt to borrow books with another member’s card will result in the card being confiscated.
  • A member should not allow his/her student ID card to be used by another individual.
  • A member who has reported the loss of his/her ID Card will be allowed entry if they produce some other form of identification as a substitute. Members will be allowed a grace period of 14 days to obtain a replacement card.


An item will become overdue if it is not returned or renewed on or before the expiry date. Overdue items incur fines and borrowing privileges are blocked. A member’s account will remain suspended until the book(s)/items are returned and the fines settled.

The borrowers are responsible for keeping track of the due dates for returning or renewing library items irrespective of whether courtesy notices are sent or not.

Type of Material Loan Duration Rates of Fines
Open - Stack (No Tag) 7 days40 sen per day
Yellow - tagged books 3 daysRM1 per day
Red - tagged books 1 dayRM 3 per day
Green - tagged books (For Academic Staff only) 120 days40 sen per day

Accounts will be activated as soon as all overdue loans and fines are settled.

Lost / Damaged Books

  • Lost items should be reported immediately so that fines will not continue to accumulate.
  • A member has the option of replacing the lost item or paying for the lost item at the current market price.
  • The cost of a damaged book depends on how seriously the damage is. If a loaned item is severely damaged, the student will have to replace the item or pay for the item at its current market price.
  • For minor damages, the cost of repairing the book would be RM 12 for soft-cover books and RM 15 for hardcover titles.