1. Discussion rooms are for use by students for academic purposes only, e.g. working on group projects or group presentations.

  2. The rooms may not be used for private study or social purposes.

  3. Users are requested to conduct their discussions softly as the rooms are not sound-proof.

  4. General library rules apply to the use of the discussion rooms.

  5. No foods or drinks can be taken into the rooms. Newspapers and magazines cannot be brought into the rooms.

  6. All personal belongings may not be left unattended in the rooms.

  7. Library materials must be cleared from rooms after use.

  8. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited

  9. Discussion rooms can be reserved up to 4 hours at any one time.

  10. A minimum of 3 students is required to book a discussion room. Each discussion room can accommodate a maximum of 6 students.

  11. All students in the discussion room will have to deposit their student IDs at the counter.

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