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Journal of Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering focuses on the topics that include, Fiber Science & Technology, Textile Materials, Clothing/ Apparel Technologies, Studies on Colors & Dyes, Aesthetics of Textile, Textile Finishing and Treatment, Fashion Designing & Marketing, Nanotechnology in textile Research, Wearable Electronics, e-Textiles, Multifunctional Materials, Modelling and Simulation.

Textile Science & Engineering encompasses areas that refer to the recent trends and developments in textile and fabric industry. The basis of the journal is to diversify the information available to improve both the textile production and development.

Arts (ISSN 2076-0752) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal which provides a forum for scholarly exploration of visual arts, music, performing arts and applied arts.

The International Journal of the Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice (IJCAIP) established in March, 2006, is an international and interdisciplinary peer reviewed open access journal.

Cogent Arts & Humanities is a leading multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal, publishing research across the breadth of the arts and humanities.

The journal publishes articles in all areas of film and media studies. Within this general area, however, we lay a special emphasis on the following topics either from a theoretical point of view or in the form of in-depth case studies, newest trends in world cinema and the cinema of Eastern Europe, questions regarding intermediality or media convergence in cinema and new media.

How does one become a recognized architect? Where does the inspiration come from and how is it transformed into buildings, streets and cities? With his Architectural Journal Rob Krier takes the readers on a fascinating journey, guiding one through pivotal moments of early stages of his career as an architect.