Statistics / Mathematical Science

Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Sciences an International journal publishing biannually (Online) on the aspect of Statistics and Mathematical Sciences for an effective scientific reading and public view with an aim to reach the world wide researchers.

The theory of difference equations, the methods used and their wide applications have advanced beyond their adolescent stage to occupy a central position in applicable analysis.

The aim of this journal is to provide a multi-disciplinary forum of discussion in mathematics and its applications in which the essentiality of inequalities is highlighted.

Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies aims to meet the publication needs of the burgeoning community of mathematicians. Its central theme is the stimulation of innovative mathematics by the modelling and analysis of such problems across the physical, biological and social sciences.

Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk is a high-quality, peer-reviewed, open-access journal reporting significant developments in modern probability theory, its relation to stochastic analysis and statistics.

Research in the Mathematical Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed hybrid journal covering the full scope of Theoretical Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Theoretical Computer Science.

The Complex Analysis and its Synergies journal validates and nurtures major new developments in modern complex analysis and promotes further growth in both complex analysis and those fields with which it interacts.

Fixed Point Theory and Applications: In a wide range of mathematical problems the existence of a solution is equivalent to the existence of a fixed point for a suitable map. The existence of a fixed point is therefore of paramount importance in several areas of mathematics and other sciences.

The Journal of Mathematics in Industry is a high-quality journal that brings together research on developments in mathematics for industrial applications, including both methods and the computational challenges they entail.

Mathematical Sciences is an international journal publishing original research articles that demonstrate the interaction between various disciplines of theoretical and applied mathematics.

The Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry is an international, open-access journal, dedicated to enhancing the interaction between mathematics and industrial applications as a two-way process.

Research in Number Theory is an international, peer-reviewed Hybrid Journal covering the scope of the mathematical disciplines of Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

The Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to advancing understanding of theory and methods in the area of statistical distributions and their applications.

Journal Of Applied Analysis is an international mathematical journal devoted to mathematical analysis and its applications to physics, mechanics, economics, computer sciences and engineering. Topics include: mathematical analysis (real and complex, harmonic, convex, variational), differential equations, dynamic systems, optimization (linear, nonlinear, convex, nonsmooth, multicriteria), optimal control, stochastic modelling and probability theory, numerical methods.

Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis (BJMA) is an international and peer-reviewed electronic journal presenting the papers on functional analysis and its applications. The journal focuses on (but is not limited to) Hilbert spaces, normed spaces, normed algebras, C*-algebras and von Neumann algebras, normed modules, linear operators, operator algebras, topological algebras, operator spaces, matrix analysis, normed aspects of functional equations, stability of functional equations, approximation theory, norm and operator inequalities, homology of Banach algebras, harmonic analysis, Fourier analysis, spectral theory, non-commutative geometry, and significant applications.

Mathematical Problems in Engineering is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes results of rigorous engineering research carried out using mathematical tools.

Advances in Fuzzy Systems is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal which aims to provide a forum for original research articles in the theory and applications of fuzzy subsets and systems.

Journal of Mathematics is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of mathematics.

International Journal of Analysis is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles on the broad topic of mathematical analysis, and its application to problems from other scientific disciplines.

International Journal of Differential Equations is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles on differential equations, and related integral equations.

Advances in Mathematical Physics is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles that seek to understand the mathematical basis of physical phenomena, and solve problems in physics via mathematical approaches.

Mathematics (ISSN 2227-7390) is an open access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to mathematics, and is published quarterly online by MDPI.

Journal of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics (JAMSI) serves as a venue for careful presentation of applied research in the core areas of informatics and information technologies, statistics and mathematics. The purpose of the JAMSI is to further the development of inter-disciplinary research that crosses the boundaries between computer science, mathematics and statistics.

JOS is an international quarterly published by Statistics Sweden. We publish research articles in the area of survey and statistical methodology and policy matters facing national statistical offices and other producers of statistics. The intended readers are researchers or practicians at statistical agencies or in universities and private organizations dealing with problems which concern aspects of production of official statistics.

AENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics is published with both online and print versions. The journal covers the frontier issues in the applied mathematics and their applications in business, industry, science and other subjects.

Cogent Mathematics covers the full scope of mathematics and statistics, including pure, applied, computational and interdisciplinary mathematics.

Applies statistical methodology to problems in the realm of public policy and /or relevant political science. Publishes open access research that address international, national, or local policy questions, with an emphasis on application rather than methodological novelty.

Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy is a refereed, open-access journal which recognizes that climate change and other socio-environmental challenges require significant transformation of existing systems of consumption and production.

Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research on broad-ranging applications from big data and mathematical finance.