Tourism Research and Hospitality

JTRH promotes rigorous research that makes a significant contribution in advancing knowledge for tourism theory, research methodologies and hospitality. JTRH includes all major themes pertaining to various functional areas of tourism and hospitality.

The journal especially seeks to nurture interdisciplinary multicultural work among sociological, psychological, geographical, consumer, leisure, marketing, travel and tourism, hospitality, and sport and entertainment researchers.

Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development, Critical Studies on Terrorism, Defense and Peace Economics, Defense Economics, Review of International Affairs: Politics, Economics, Law, Science and Culture.

The Journal of Heritage Tourism (JHT) is a peer-reviewed, international transdisciplinary journal. JHT focuses on exploring the many facets of one of the most notable and widespread types of tourism. Heritage tourism is among the very oldest forms of travel.

Via Tourism Review is an international, plurilingual and multidisciplinary journal in the field of tourism, thought as an intercultural object.

E-Journals of TOURISM published by School of Posgraduate Studies Udayana University, Denpasar, Bali. E-Journal is a scientific journal or intellectual magazine that can be accessed through electronic transmission. E-Journal is a special form of an electronic document, which has the purpose of providing material for academic research and studies, as well as journal articles formatted in traditional print journals.

All Articles published in the Journal of Tourism and Recreation is open access and free to download.